Paddling in Odysseus' Wake

Our Greek Odyssey comes to life on the island of Skopelos, a green and blue island in the Aegean Sea known for the green pines that meet the blue sea waters.  Along the way we will be rock-hopping, exploring sea caves, exploring beaches accessible only by kayak, and feasting on delicious Greek cuisine.  Come explore with us...

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Kayaking Expedition Paddling in Odysseus' Wake

The blue of the Aegean Sea is said to be unlike any other in the world, and no where is it better to see than on the island of Skeoplos.  This tiny island is only around 37 square miles (95.8 sq, km) but boast an impressive 42 miles of coastline.  We will explore much of that coastline on our expedition there rock-hopping, gunkholing in sea caves, and basking on beaches accessible only by our kayaks.  In addition to the paddling, we'll spend a couple of days hiking the virgin pine forest, climbing to the top of Mt. Palouki  (1,791 ft) and see the monasteries of the Holy Archangel & St. Anna.   Atop the mountian we will be rewarded with stiunning views of the surrounding seacoast and forests. Each night we will return to base and sleep in a comfortable inn where we can visit local restaurants known as tavernas, sampling the best Greek cuisine and sampling some of the best local beers.  

This tour requires no special ability (other than knowing how to swim). We will be paddling in both open and protected waters so you should be physically fit and able to perform a moderate amount of exertion with relative ease.

Exploring with Go Kayaking Tours is the best way to go on an adventure.  We keep our tours small so they become more of a bunch of friends having an adventure instead of a group of tourists just sightseeing.  Everything we do is carefully curated so you can make memories that will last a lifetime

Dates and Pricing

Dates:   10 - 18  June 2017

This tour begins on Saturday June 10th with your arrival, and ends on Sunday June 18th with your departure.


$ 2,995 (USD) per person sharing a double room.  This fee is inclusive of all lodging, meals, and activities.  It does not include airfare to/from Naple, local transportation other than described, alcohol, personal expenses (i.e., laundry, souvenirs, bail money (just kidding, well mostly), etc.). 

Single Supplement

For single travelers, we will try and match you with a same sex room mate.  If you would prefer to not share a room, then a single supplement of US$900 applies.

Day-to-Day Itinerary

This is a general description of the excitement you will experience each day.  Be aware that the specific days may switch around based on weather, or to optimize the logisitics.

Day 1 - Saturday -
June 10, 2017

Getting There

You will fly into Athens and then take the ferry to Skopelos.   After clearing customs and immigration you will be met by a Go Kayaking Tours representative at the airport to escort you to our hotel.

Day 2 -
Sunday -
June 11, 2017

Adjustment Day

After a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, we'll spend the day exploring the city so you can adjust to the time change and relax after your long flight. Lunch and dinner in town.
Let's go paddling

Today we'll start our adventure exploring the coast of Skopelos after a hearty breakfast at the hotel. Depending on the wind and tides we'll explore sea caves, or an isolated beach where we'll have lunch.  Today will be an easy paddle to get you use to the boats, and waters.

Day 3 -
Monday -
June 12, 2017

Day 4 -
Tuesday -
June 13, 2017

Paddling around

Once we feast on breakfast, we will continue our expedition, today exploring a different stretch of the coastline.

Day 5 -
Wednesday -
June 14, 2017

Hiking to the top of Mt. Palouki

We'll awake to the glorious Mediterreian sun and have breakfast before heading up the well groomed trail to the top of Mt. Palouki.  It is only 1,791 feet and the hike is easy.  Along the way we'll see the monasteries of St. Anna and the Holy Archangel.  On top of the mountain, we'll take in the vista of the seacoast and acres of virgin pine forest.  Lunch on the trail, and dinner in town.

Day 6 -
Thursday -
June 15, 2017

Paddling around

Back on the water today.  While exploring today, our guide will give us instruction on rescue techniques, and maybe even kayak surfing (depending on the waves).  Breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner in town. 

Day 7 -
Friday -
June 16, 2017

Paddling around
More sea caves, more rock-hopping, more awesome sights and memories to make.  Lunch will be a picnic affair a beach, and dinner back in town sampling yet another fine local establishment.  

Day 8 -
Saturday -
June 17, 2017


A leisurely breakfast in town, then we will set off to explore some more of Skopelos by bicycle.  Lunch and dinner provided.

Day 9 -
Sunday -
June 18, 2017

Getting home

After a lesiurely breakfast, we will shuttle you to the ferry terminal and then back to Athens for your flight home.  

Trip Planning Information

  1. Flight Info
    Please make arrangements to fly into Athens International Airport. The airport code is AIA. Let us know your flight number so we can arrange to meet you on your arrival. From Athens we will take the ferry to Skopelos. Our staff travel agent can help you book your flight, just let us know!
  2. Passport & VISA
    US citizens require only a valid passport with at least one empty page, and valid for six months from time of arrival to enter Greece at the current time. This may change due to some political issues. Upon arrival you will need to show a return or on-ward airline ticket and prove you have sufficient funds for your stay (about 50 euro/day). If you are traveling from another country, let us know at the time of booking and we will inform you of any visa and/or passport requirements.
  3. What Should You Bring
    Your booking contract will have a specific list of equipment. clothes, etc. If you ever have any questions please just ask us.
  4. Lodging
    This adventure is all hotel based. All tours are booked at double occupancy. If you are traveling alone, we will try to match you with a same-sex person. If we are unable to, or if you would prefer a single room there is a modest fee for single accommodations.
  5. Food
    All food is provided on this trip as described in the itinerary. Please let us know at time of booking if you have any special diet requirements so we may do our best to accommodate you. Not included are alcoholic beverages, or meals you wish to have on your own.
  6. Shots, Immunizations and Healthcare
    None but you want to consider a vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis if you are at risk. Greece has excellent healthcare facilities.
  7. Weather
    The month of June has daily highs in the upper 70's with the nights falling into the 60's. Rain chances during our stay are slight. Sea temperatures average around 70 degrees.
  8. Language
    Greek, of course, is the official language. English is widely spoken in the cities and on the coast. All of our local guides speak English.
  9. Currency
    The official currency of Greece is the euro (EUR). The exchange rate is currently about 1 EUR equaling USD 1.06 or essentially even. The exchange rate between the dollar and euro vary, so be prepared for unusual spikes in the exchange rates. ATM's are common, but we will be visiting some of the remoter areas so stock up on cash before we launch.
  10. LGBT Issues
    Greece is not the most tolerant of same-sex relationships and open displays of affection may draw unwanted attention especially in smaller towns and villages. That said, please use discretion. The official policy of Go Kayaking Tours is as long as there is mature and mutual consent, be yourself!
  11. Time Zone
    Skopelos isin the Eastern European Time zone and is seven hours ahead of eastern time. The conversion from UTC is GMT/UTC + 2h Standard Time
  12. Electricty
    Electrical current is 220 volts and 50Hz. A variety of plugs are in use, including the European-style two-pin and the round three-pin
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