Kayaking Lake Maggiore

We return to the incredible beauty of Italy, this time to explore and paddle the lake region in the northern part of the country. Lake Maggiore and the Piedmont region is resplendent with a natural beauty that is sure to leave you breathless, and then there is the food, and the wine. Come explore with us...

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Italy's Lake Region

Lago Maggiore lies in the northern portion of Italy and is one of the many lakes (or lagos) that make up the lake region including the famous (but fabulously expensive) Lake Como. The lake, translated it means Greater Lake , is located on the south side of the Alps and stretches from Switzerland down some 65 kilometers (about 40 miles for those who are metrically challenged), and forms part of the border between Italy’s Piedmont and Lombardy regions.
In addition to paddling the lake, our tour will feature a couple of days each for hiking and mountain biking the surrounding area so you can see the majestic beauty this area is known for.

This tour requires no special ability (other than knowing how to swim). We will be paddling in both open and protected waters so you should be physically fit and able to perform a moderate amount of exertion with relative ease.

Exploring with Go Kayaking Tours is the best way to go on an adventure.  We keep our tours small so they become more of a bunch of friends having an adventure instead of a group of tourists just sightseeing.  Everything we do is carefully curated so you can make memories that will last a lifetime

Dates and Pricing

Dates:   22 June - 30 July 2017

This tour begins on Saturday June 22nd with your arrival at the Milan Airport, and ends on Sunday July 30th with your departure.


$ 2,995 (USD) per person sharing a double room.  This fee is inclusive of all lodging, meals, and activities.  It does not include airfare to/from Milan, local transportation other than described, alcohol, personal expenses (i.e., laundry, souvenirs, bail money (just kidding, well mostly), etc.). 

Single Supplement

For single travelers, we will try and match you with a same sex roommate.  If you would prefer to not share a room, then a single supplement of US$900 applies.

Day-to-Day Itinerary

This is a general description of the excitement you will experience each day.  Be aware that the specific days may switch around based on weather, or to optimize the logisitics.

Day 1 - Saturday -
July 22, 2017

Getting There

Our fantastic tour will begin the moment you step off the airplane at Milan’s airport when you will be met by a Go Kayaking Tours representative. Our private van will whisk us to our 4-star hotel in Stresa where you will be able to unpack, settle in, and relax. We’ll meet for dinner in the hotel restaurant and have a chance to meet each other and discuss the week’s itinerary.

Day 2 -
Sunday -
July 23, 2017

Let's go paddling

A little bit of chance to sleep in but be forewarned, this will be an active day! After breakfast in the hotel, we’ll meet our kayak instructor and go for a paddle getting familiar with the lake. A light lunch in the afternoon, and dinner in town to taste the exquisite northern Italian cuisine.    
Let's go paddling

We will meet for breakfast and then we’ll load up our kayaks for another day of exploring some of the beautiful places that makes Lake Maggiore such a treasured place. Lunch will be picnic style along the lake’s shore, and dinner back in town.​

Day 3 -
Monday -
July 24, 2017

Day 4 -
Tuesday -
July 25, 2017

Walk about and mountain biking (all downhill, well mostly)

A dry day and the chance to take the cable car to the top of Mount Mottarone. When we get to the top of its 1,492 meter (just shy of 5,000 feet) peak , we will do a bit of hiking around the top of this glorious mountain. For lunch, we will dine in a mountain restaurant and I would suggest eating hearty because the afternoon will be spectacular. Once we’re finished dining, we’ll climb aboard mountain bikes for the downhill run to the lake. Dinner in town again this evening.

Day 5 -
Wednesday -
July 26, 2017

A little natural history hike

Once we finish our breakfast our bus will take us to Alpe Devero Nature Park.  Established in  1990 the park is on the Italian side of the Alps and is known as an important alpine environment.  Our naturalist will accompany us on a hike exploring the park and its plants and animals.  Lunch in a mountain restaurant, and dinner back in town.

Day 6 -
Thursday -
July 27, 2017

Paddling around

Back on the water today after breakfast.  There is a small and precious lake called Mergozzo and we’ll explore it by kayak.  Lunch on the water and dinner back in town.

Day 7 -
Friday -
July 28, 2017

Exploring and trekking
Back in the saddle (bicycle seat that is) again after breakfast as we bike to Orta Lake.  The trip isn’t far, and the medieval center of town is not to be missed.  Lunch in Orta, then dinner back in town.

Day 8 -
Saturday -
July 29, 2017

More exploring

A full day to end the tour. We will meet our guide after breakfast at the hotel and go for a short (a roundtrip of 3 hours or so) walk taking the old way connecting Cannero and Cannobio. Lunch back at the hotel and a couple of hours to relax. In the late afternoon, we’ll board a private motorboat and sail out to Isola Bella, a palace and adjacent garden where we will feast on a special dinner at a local restaurant.  

Day 9 -
Sunday -
July 30, 2017

Getting home

After breakfast, we will begin our trip back to Milan for your flights home. 

Trip Planning Information

  1. Flight Info
    Please make arrangements to fly into Milan Airport. The airport code is LIN. Let us know your flight number so we can arrange to meet you on your arrival. Our staff travel agent can help you book your flight, just let us know!
  2. Passport & VISA
    US citizens require only a valid passport with at least two empty pages, and valid for six months from time of arrival to enter Italy with at least two blank pages in your passport. If you are traveling from another country, let us know at the time of booking and we will inform you of any visa and/or passport requirements.
  3. What Should You Bring
    Your booking contract will have a specific list of equipment. clothes, etc. If you ever have any questions please just ask us.
  4. Lodging
    This adventure is all hotel based. All tours are booked at double occupancy. If you are traveling alone, we will try to match you with a same-sex person. If we are unable to, or if you would prefer a single room there is a modest fee for single accommodations.
  5. Food
    All food is provided on this trip as described in the itinerary. Please let us know at time of booking if you have any special diet requirements so we may do our best to accommodate you. Not included are alcoholic beverages, or meals you wish to have on your own.
  6. Shots, Immunizations and Healthcare
    None and Italy has excellent healthcare facilities.
  7. Weather
    The month of July has daily highs in the low to upper 70's with the nights falling into the 60's. Rain chances during our stay are around 30%. Our itinerary will be adjusted based on any inclement weather we experience, but generally speaking weather should no be a problem.
  8. Language
    Italian, of course, is the official language. English is widely spoken in the cities and on the coast. All of our local guides speak English.
  9. Currency
    The official currency of Italy is the euro (EUR) (at least for now!). The exchange rate is currently about 1 EUR equaling USD 1.06 or essentially even. The exchange rate between the dollar and euro and vary, so be prepared for unusual spikes in the exchange rates. ATM's are common.
  10. LGBT Issues
    Italy is mostly tolerate of same-sex relationships , but open displays of affection may draw unwanted attention especially in smaller towns and villages. That said, please use discretion. The official policy of Go Kayaking Tours is as long as there is mature and mutual consent, be yourself!
  11. Time Zone
    Lake Maggiore and the surrounding region are in the Central European Time zone and is six hours ahead of eastern time. The conversion from UTC is GMT/UTC + 1h Standard Time
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