Come explore with us
​​We offer you a truly unique perspective on the world.
“At Go Kayaking Tours, we don’t just sell you a ticket. Everything from lodging and meals, to activities, have been carefully curated to provide you, our guest, the vacation experience of a lifetime. Please come explore with us.”

Tom Warren, Chief Adventurer

At Go Kayaking Tours, we are adventurers and explorers, not tourists.  Travel is the best way to learn about not only the place you are visiting but about yourself as well.  You will see different lifestyles, customs, and habits that may make you question your own.   These questions could prompt you to make changes in your own life. Or they may make you have more gratitude for the things you do have. At any rate, you will walk away a different person.​​

We design our tours with so that each guest can will be safe and comfortable. Our English speaking local guides are experts. They know the best local places both on and off the water. They are happy to teach even those who have never paddled a kayak before.