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Go Kayaking Tours’ amazing kayak adventures allow you to experience the native beauty and wildlife of the Real Florida.

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Space Coast Guided Tours

Our “Space Coast” Central Florida guided kayaking tours visit biologically diverse Central Florida locations along the St Johns River, in the Indian River Lagoon and beyond.

Only true locals can show you the hidden gems you’d miss and introduce you to unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences: viewing a rocket launch from over the water, a sunset  date-night accompanied by dolphins and manatees as the sun sets, the stars shine and the full moon rises above the mangroves. From late Spring to early Fall, bioluminescent kayaking tours offer a truly otherworldly experience, while your paddle lights up fireflies of the sea under the twinking stars.


We’ve guided kayaking tours long enough to know how to provide you with a level of safety while still testing your kayaking boundaries. Our kayak trips are designed so paddlers with limited kayaking experience, (or even with no prior kayak experience) can fully participate while the expert kayakers can still be challenged.

Explore the Best Kayaking in the World with our International Kayaking Trips


International Destinations


We also offer all-inclusive international kayaking tours to incredible destinations like Portugal, Hungary, Costa Rica, Croatia, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. These are among the many best-kayaking-in-the-world locations we’ll take you to for a truly unique perspective on the world.

Immerse Yourself


Travel is the best way to not only learn about a destination, but about ourselves as well. As explorers, you’re not a “tourist;” you’re not a “dollar” -- instead you’re a respected adventurer making for a different and far more authentic experience. The hospitality is designed to immerse you more deeply in the culture as well as the environment.


Curated Trips


Our destination kayaking trips are designed to satisfy your inner adventurer and explorer. Exotic as these trips may sound, they are all geared for beginning through experienced kayakers (unless otherwise stated, such as the Split, Croatia trip).

Exploring the World


Our philosophy: exploring the world from the unique position of a kayak allows us entry into a different country, culture and way of life unlike any other. On our kayaking trips you will see different lifestyles, and ultimately question your own. The answers you derive from our destination kayaking trips may make you appreciate what you may have, or question what is most important for you to live your life fully. Either way, you will walk away a different person.


Why (wouldn’t you) choose (anyone other than) Go Kayaking Tours (GKT)?

At Go Kayaking Tours we know you deserve the kind of personalized attention that’s only possible when the groups are kept small. There will never be more than 8 guests per guide, and most tour groups will be 8 guests or less. If that’s too much, you can charter a personal tour for a singles person or a couple (or two); here’s how.

Accidents cause just too much paperwork to fill out, and who likes that? Besides, that’s not the kind of referral we’re keen on. Whether this is your first kayak paddle or you’re an experienced kayaker, your safety is our first priority, closely followed by doing our absolute darnest to make sure your experience is unforgettably awesome.

We’re sure you’ll love your tour -- though we trust you’ll understand we cannot control the weather and because we’re not a theme park, we’re never 100% sure what wildlife we’ll see. With our years of paddling experience, we know how to guide in a way that welcomes rather than scares off the coolest critters and we’re quick to point them out to you so you won’t miss them.

Tom Warren, our Chief Adventurer is a 10th generation native Floridian who grew up playing in Florida’s fabled waters. You won’t get more “real Florida” than that. He’s got some great stories about his mishaps that will make you laugh and also keep you out of trouble. Most of all, Go Kayaking Tours will teach you the rare gift of slowing down so you will see more of Florida’s fabled but truly fabulous wilderness at its finest


What Our Customers are Saying

The bioluminescence was awesome and amazing, he knew right where to take us so we got to enjoy it pretty much the entire tour. Tom was our guide the owner and he was wonderful. I truly can’t say enough about how wonderful he made the experience. It was very private and personal only us that night. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient and vigilant. It was our first time kayaking and I’m glad we choose Tom, I’m sure the experience would have been totally different if we had gone elsewhere. I will recommend him to everyone who asks and will do all my tours with him, Tom you just earned a loyal client for life. Thank you for such an awesome experience.

Suzette Montalvo

Every time I kayak with Tom, I see so much more of Florida’s phenomenal wildlife than I would on my own. He’s a pied-piper for manatees and has a keen eye for Florida’s incredible bird life, and gators – handy for whether I want to observe or avoid them! I’ve also loved Tom’s unique rocket launch and full-moon paddles; I know even with my lousy night vision, I’m in good hands. His great stories about the flora, fauna, history and his own kayaking that leave me wiser and make me laugh. As a veteran kayaker, there’s no one I’d rather paddle with than Tom.

— Dana Greyson

Kayaking lessons with Tom Warren was the best. He covered both safety and different paddle methods in kayaking. This was the first time I have ever been in a kayak but after 3.5 hours of gliding on top of the water, seeing the Discovery Channel in real life, manatee mother with her newborn nursing her was amazing. We passed little alligators, big schools of catfish, saw turtles resting on branches, and waved to boaters passing by. I am totally hooked now and want to buy a kayak! Looking forward to meeting other kayakers and join in on other activities!

— Kaye C